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Violin Piano Guitar


Beginner to RCM Level 8


Classical, Pop


Online, In Person


Studio not available. Will host lessons at your home

Justina is a violinist, pianist, and an OCT-certified elementary school music teacher based in downtown Toronto. She has completed her ARCT in violin under the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has attained her Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education through the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music.

While planning her music curriculum, she focuses on a blend of strong theory knowledge, performance, and ear training. She is also a certified Orff Level I specialist, and incorporates it into her music curriculum and programs to combine music, movement, drama, and speech to encourage both learning and play. She has been working with students from kindergarten to Grade 8 to foster their love and appreciation for various instruments, and teaches the violin, piano, ukulele, guitar, and drums in her music program.

In her private studio, Justina has successfully prepared her violin students for RCM examinations, auditions for high school arts program and university entrance programs. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she incorporates a blend of teaching styles to encourage ear training, note-reading, and a sense of rhythm in students performances. Her philosophy is that music-learning is a lifelong journey for any age. Justina also teaches piano and ukulele for students' enjoyment.

She is currently performing as first violinist with the University of Toronto Campus Philharmonic Orchestra. In her free time, Justina enjoys playing around with different instruments, arranging music, and performing at music gigs with her family and friends.

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