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About Us

We are a team of young musicians based in Toronto. Being musicians ourselves, we understand what it is like to learn a new instrument - starting from scratch to becoming a professional. That is why our service focuses on providinyou with the proper knowledge, quality equipment and - most importantly - the right teacher for the learner.


Our teacher portfolio consists of artists and musicians who have had year of teaching their instrument and love teaching. As a community of musicians, we have the same enthusiasm for sharing the joy of learning an instrument as well as achieving musical goals. Acknowledging this untapped potential and our appreciation and love for music, Soundbox Studios provide opportunities for those who seek talented artists to teach and perform.  By using our platform to connect the community and our musicians, from lessons to services, we guarantee fair rates and professional quality for our clients and teachers. 


As a growing team, we appreciate all feedback and comments as we continue to strive and meet your needs.  Please connect with us for all business inquiries, questions, or comments!

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