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Violin Piano Flute


Beginner to Undergrad (all RCM Levels)


Classical, Pop


Online, In Person


Warden Ave. and Highway 7

Johnson Tam has been working and instructing students since the age of 12. Recently graduating from the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) - Music, he received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto, and his Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE). He is also serving as alumni of the Arts York Program from Unionville High School in Markham.

Finishing up his Royal Conservatory of Music on piano and violin at 11 and 16 years old respectively, Johnson has performed in many notable venues around the GTA over the years. Presently, he has taken a backseat in being the primary performer and enjoys honing his accompanying craft by accepting gigs all over the GTA. On his own free time however, he enjoys staying at home and improvising to current hits and is anticipating to create a music portfolio of his finest pieces in the coming future.

Johnson primarily works with violin and piano students and is adept in both Classical training and popular music workshops. He highly values students whom consistently show effort and passion in their lessons and show willingness to improve their own playing. His lessons focus on students' self-reflective learning, musicianship training, and character building, while Johnson serves by giving constructive comments and feedback as a professional musician and music educator.

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