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Seneca Hill Drive and Don Mills Rd.

Austin Chao is a professional cellist who graduated from University of Toronto Bachelor Degree for Cello Performance, and then went to Mannes New School of Music in New York and graduated with a Masters Degree for Cello Performance. He has studied under many great teachers, including Joseph Elworthy, the president and CEO of Vancouver Academy of Music, under Shauna Rolston, head of string department of University of Toronto and a great soloist, and under Ronald Thomas, an American cellist and professor at Mannes New School of Music. He can also play both piano and flute to a very high standard.

Austin has performed in New York, Toronto, and Taiwan. These performances include solo performances, chamber music, and orchestra's including Garden State Philharmonic, University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and played with Martha Graham company for Rite of Spring. He was the Performance Head of ECCHO, a charity group in University of Toronto, which is responsible for organizing concerts and gathering performers, and being a performer myself.

Austin has many years of experience in teaching, in both Toronto and Taiwan, and students of all ages. He also has taught both privately and group lessons in music schools. Austin is an easy going teacher, however also a very responsible teacher who makes sure to teach everything he know to his students, helping them not only achieve the highest standards of playing but at the same time, have fun and enjoy music.

Check out a vid of Austin giving a short 2 minute lesson!

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