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Music Bees


Music Bees is a musical program designed to enhance student’s understanding of musical concepts through play. Using a blend of Orff, songs, music theory, and word games, we believe in fostering a child’s creativity in music and connecting it to their everyday life. Through Orff, Students will learn to sing solfege and develop a keener ear for listening, which is a skill that will compliment them no matter what instrument they choose to learn in the future!

The Orff approach, is a developmental approach used in music education. It combines music, movement, drama, and speech into lessons that are similar to child 's world of play.

In joining our program, your child will learn:

  • Develop music language learning

  • Finger/hand-eye coordination

  • Spatial awareness

  • Cultural awareness

  • Keen sense of sound

  • Musical creativity

  • Divergent thinking

  • Story telling

  • Exposure to different instruments

Justina pic - Sounds of Joy Toronto.jpg

Teacher: Justina Wong

Time: Weekly on Saturdays, Time TBD 

Number of Classes: 10 weeks

Ages: 5 - 9

Online: Yes

Instruments Required: No

Trial Class Dates:   

Saturday, September 26th @ 10am - 11am EST.

  Sunday, September 27th @ 10am - 11am EST

Start Date: TBD

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