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Everyone learns differently and has different musical background and interests. We will help you find the right teacher for you or your child and achieve your full potential in musical ability.

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5 Tips on Getting Started with Online Lessons during COVID

Christopher Chan

Thinking of starting music lessons for yourself or your child? Wondering if it's possible during the pandemic? Yes it is entirely possible! In fact, many music schools are offering music lessons online. Here are some tips to get started so the experience ...

Where to Look for Instruments in the Greater Toronto Area

Justina Wong

Starting a new instrument is always exciting and sometimes overwhelming as you don’t know where to start. It is important to buy instruments at reputable places, and to avoid buying any instrument online unless you have already tried it out or have spoken ...

Caring for your Stringed Instrument

Johnson Tam

So, you have rented your first stringed instrument for yourself or a child in the family, and together, you are staring at it with pride.  Everyone is waiting with anticipation for the first class with the scheduled teacher, and together, you have ...

Our COVID-19 Policy

As of June 30th, the Ontario government has allowed indoor gatherings of five individuals, meaning Soundbox Studios are willing for in-person lessons to resume to small families within our clientele. 


Please feel free to respond or reach out to administration if you are interested to start/resume classes.  Both teachers and students are free to divulge whether they are comfortable teaching in-person or request vaccination updates if the other party insists. 


Soundbox Studios would like to thank everyone for their patience and support during these last few months and may we be hopeful for a safe reopening and fantastic summer 2021.